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Distress thermometer in lung cancer patients
PDPI Surakarta, 30 Sep 2017 14:35:25
Distress thermometer in lung cancer patients

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Lekka Dimitra1, Aggeliki Rapti2, Dimitra Karkania1, Argyri Evmolpidi1, George Moussas1 and Athanasios Karkanias1
1Department of Psychiatry, Sotiria General Hospital, Athens, Greece, 2Department of Pulmonary, “Sotiria” General Hospital, Athens, Greece

Objective: Psychological distress is not a new phenomenon in oncology. It has been considered a serious subject for patients diagnosed with cancer. The main method of measurement of distress is the Distress Thermometer which consists of an analogical scale from 0-10 and of 5 groups of problems which cause concern to the patient: 1. Practical problems 2. Family problems 3. Emotional problems 4. Spiritual/religious uncertainties 5. Physical problems.

Purpose: Is the presentation of Distress Thermometer in greek for taking measures promptly with the aim of ensuring a better quality of life for lung cancer patients.

Method: The sample consisted of 88 males, 26 females, the average age of 64,95 +- 9,3, with lung cancer from the pulmonology clinics of “Swtiria” hospital.

Results: Only 18,4% of the sample showed normal values (0-4) on the analogical scale while 37,3% showed serious distress (7-10). Regarding the practical problems 36% had difficulties in movement while 22% mentioned having economic, work or insurance problems. In reference to family problems 7,9% quoted problems with their spouses. As for the emotional side it was found that nervousness accounted for 71,9% of the sample and fear 60,5%. Furthermore 20,2% started to take an interest in spiritual/religious themes. In the field of physical problems, walking proved to be a difficulty for 70,2% of the patients.

Conclusion: The distress thermometer may be used as a screening tool for detecting and promptly dealing with distress.

Source : http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/48/suppl_60/PA3072
Image : http://blog.fashionsealhealthcare.com/sites/...
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