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A case diagnoed ACOS with omelizumab treatment
PDPI Surakarta, 09 Okt 2017 15:56:56
A case diagnoed ACOS with omelizumab treatment

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image: effectivenessevaluation.org

Bilge Salik, Berna Komurcuoglu and Enver Yalniz
Pulmonology, Dr.Suat Seren Education Hospital for Chest Disease and Surgery, Izmir, Turkey

ACOS Asthma- COPD overlap syndrome causes major problems in differential diagnosis of especially in smoking and older patients. ACOS carrying some characteristics of both asthma and COPD, is clinically markedly worst then both. Patients with ACOS, has a rapid worsening of pulmonary function tests, high ratios of exacerbations, multi symptoms, worst quality of life and a higher cost of administration. Estimated ratio of ACOS among asthmatic and COPD is as high as 15-55 %. In the history of 57 years old dyspneic patient there are childhood onset asthma, allergic rhinitis lasting about 20 years, diabetes mellitus and hypertension; in parental history, he has an asthmatic mother with 35 packages/years of smoking ( ex about 10 years). The patient radiologically compatible findings with emphysema have had diagnosis of COPD by a pulmonary disease specialist 9 years ago. In the last years there is an obvious increase in his dyspnea and worsening of life quality. Pulmonary function laboratory tests are, FEV1:1,58 (53%), FVC:2,52 (68%),FEV1/FVC:63 and 520 ml(20%) reversibility values, blood count total IGE:328 IU/ml, house hold dust allergy in his pricks test and has symptoms and findings compatible with ACOS and the treatment is ICS+LABA+LAMA+SAMA+ montelukast sodyum+ sustained release teofilin + omalizumab + antihistaminic + nasal corticosteroids spreys.

Source : http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/48/suppl_60/PA617
Image : http://effectivenessevaluation.org/wp-content/...
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