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Increased risk of peripheral arterial disease in individuals with COPD
PDPI Surakarta, 08 Jan 2018 12:38:09
Increased risk of peripheral arterial disease in individuals with COPD


Natalie Terzikhan1, Lies Lahousse1, Katia Verhamme2, Oscar Franco3, Guy Brusselle1 and Bruno Stricker3
1Department of Respiratory Medicine (UGent, Ghent) & Department of Epidemiology (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam) , Ghent, Belgium, 2Department of Medical Informatics (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam), Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3Department of Epidemiology (Erasmusmc, Rotterdam), Rotterdam, Netherlands

COPD patients commonly present with multi-morbidity, including vascular disease. Atherosclerosis is known as the main driver of vascular disease. One of its clinical manifestations is peripheral arterial disease (PAD), which mainly affects the lower limb arteries. Little is known about the association between COPD and PAD in the general population. Our aim was to study the association between COPD and PAD in a population-based setting.

Methods: In 3,459 participants of the Rotterdam study (mean age standard deviation 65.4 6.7, 57.4% females), PAD (an Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) ≤ 0.9) and COPD (based on obstructive spirometry or clinical presentation) was assessed. The association between COPD and PAD was tested by means of a cox regression analysis.

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Results: In this study, 13 (13.3%) of individuals with COPD had PAD compared to 323 (9.6%) of individuals without COPD. The incidence of PAD in individuals with COPD was 32.0/1000 person years (PY), compared to 18.4/1000 PY in individuals without COPD. A statistically significant association was found between COPD and PAD, with an Hazard Ratio of 1.78 (95% Confidence Interval 1.13-2.), adjusted for age, sex, smoking history, body mass index, hypertension, statin use, serum HDL to cholesterol ratio and ethnicity.

Conclusion: Individuals with COPD have higher risk of developing PAD. This emphasizes the importance of determining ABI for the diagnosis of PAD in the management of patients with COPD.

Source : http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/50/suppl_61/PA1567
Image : http://www.aucklandvascular.com/new/wp-content/...
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