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Benign lung tumors: Presentation, diagnosis, and outcome
PDPI Surakarta, 18 Jan 2018 16:47:36

Cecília Pacheco1, Hans Dabo2, Gabriela Fernandes2, Pedro Bastos3 and Adriana Magalhães2
1Pulmonology, Hospital De Braga, Braga, Portugal, 2Pulmonology, Hospital De São João, Porto, Portugal, 3Cardiothoracic Surgery, Hospital De São João, Porto, Portugal

Benign tumors of the lung are uncommon and can be diagnostically challenging.

Retrospective analysis of the clinicopathologic data and outcome of patients with benign lung tumors diagnosed in the last 10 years.

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Results: 72 patients were included, 68% male,mean age 55 years.Most of the patients were assymptomatic. In 23,6% of patients with endoscopic abnormalities appeared respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath and obstructive pneumonia. CT scan showed a solitary pulmonary nodule in 73,6%.Endoscopic abnormalities were found in 16 patients.Tumors were more frequently located at main bronchus.Most lesions appeared as exophytic lesion or polyps.BB was diagnostic for hamartoma (n=7),papilloma (n=4),granular cell myoblastoma (n=3),leiomyoma (n=1) and inflammatory pseudotumor (n=1).In 7 cases, bronchial biopsy removed the entire tumor.Transthoracic needle biopsy (TNB) was performed in 26 patients and was diagnostic for hamartoma in 13 cases and mixoid tumor in 1 case.Forty seven patients were treated surgically,most with lobectomies and segmentectomies.Pathological diagnosis revealed 32 hamartomas,5 solitary fibrous tumors,2 lymphangiomas,2 adenomas,1 chondroma,1 myofibroblastic tumor,1 papilloma,1 inflammatory pseudotumor,1 granular cell myoblastoma and 1 desmoid tumor.In 18 cases, although diagnostic confirmation, has not been performed surgical therapy. In 11 cases surgical treatment was refused by the patient.

Conclusion: Benign lung tumors are usually assymptomatic and do not pose a significant health problem. The purpose of surgical intervention for benign lung tumors is to avoid missing potentially malignant lesions. In some situations, these tumors can be diagnosed and treated endoscopically.

Source : http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/42/Suppl_57/P4522
Image : http://lcfamerica.org/wp-content/...