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The Role of Nurses in Team Work: Safety of the Patients in Interventional Bronchoscopy
PDPI Lampung & Bengkulu, 13 Apr 2019 18:44:29


Introduction: Communication in multidisciplinary team it is necessary to assess the risk of interventional bronchoscopy.

Objective: 1) Display of patient safety for interventional bronchoscopy, 2) Display complications during the procedure, 3) Display of complications after the procedure.

Methods: Data were collected during 2016.g. The target group were all patients who came to interventional bronchoscopy at the Clinic for lung disease (N=90). We used anaesthesia, physicians and nursing documentation to assess the safety of patients during and after bronchoscopy. We collected data: bleeding, bronchospasm, infection, death, withdrawal of the procedure.

Results: 1) Assessment of patients safety: 5% of patients did not continue procedures for established risk (N=90), 2) Display of complications during the procedure: 40% of patients had mild bleeding, 5% patient had severe bleeding (N=85), 3) Display of complications after procedure: 2% of patients had bronchospasm, there were none reports of any cases of infection and death.

Conclusion: Team work represents an essential segment of the quality of professional activity for the purpose of patient safety.

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