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Electronic Cigarette: Friend or Foe?
PP-PDPI, 15 Mei 2019 09:37:34


Background: Electronic cigarettes (ECs) have been developed and marketed in recent years as smoking substitutes. Using e-cigarettes is called “vaping”. However, no comprehensive studies have evaluated their effects on the respiratory system. Objective:The purpose of this study is to evaluate the immediate effect of ECs vapors on airway mechanics.

Methods: 40 apparently healthy never or light smoker individuals divided into 2 groups. The first group was instructed to “vape” an EC with 12 mg nicotine filled cartridge and the second group was asked to vape an EC with empty cartridge. Pulmonary function tests were assessed pre and post “vaping”.Results:a significant increase in peripheral airway resistance of the first group which vape nicotine filled cartridge.Conclusions:ECs have immediate adverse physiological effects after short-term use, that are similar to documented effects of tobacco smoking.

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