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Perception and Awareness about Tobacco Industry Among Policy Makers
PP-PDPI, 31 Mei 2019 22:33:23


Tobacco control policies must be protected from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry according to Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The perception of the policy makers about the tobacco industry determines the level of tobacco control. In order to achieve best tobacco control practice, the policy makers must not perceive tobacco industry as a normal industry and be aware that health is above trade interests.

AIM: The aim of the study is to investigate the perception of tobacco industry among members of parliament in Turkey and their attitudes about relations between the civil servants and industry members.

METHOD: Quantitative study using face-to-face questionnaire survey to 60 members of parliament was carried out.

FINDINGS: 14% believed that tobacco control was a group of pricing and production strategies that protected Turkish tobacco leaf from rivals. 46% thought tobacco use was an individual choice. 43% agreed that tobacco industry must be protected. 73% believed that high prices and taxation increased smuggling. 35 % knew that tobacco control was the responsibility of TAPDK, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture. 14% thought relations of civil servants and the industry must be regarded under trade secrecy. 70% told tobacco control must be carried out in collaboration with the industry. 3 % did not believe that interference of the industry should be monitored and disclosed. While 65% did not believe in the public benefit of tobacco industry social responsibility projects.

CONCLUSION: The positive perception of policy makers about the industry may be an impediment to successful tobacco control.

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