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Comparison of Post Natal a Abnormalities and Death of Infants of Smoking and Non-Smoking Women
PDPI Malang, 01 Jun 2019 22:56:50


Background: The increasing prevalence of smoking among young women are not only associated with long term effects on infants like asthma and cancer but also acute effects like Sudden infant death syndrome and intrauterine death.

Objective: To compare the post natal abnormalities and death in infants of smoking and non-smoking women

Methodology: It is cross sectional study in which 100 infants of smoking women were compared with 100 infants of non-smoking women. Study was done in one of the largest tertiary care hospital of Pakistan. Smoking history was evaluated and then both groups were followed up till the delivery. Post natal complications and deaths were compared in infants of both smoking and non-smoking women.

Results: Our study showed 31% infants of smoking women as compared to 8% infants of non-smoking women had post natal complications (p Value <.001). An equal of 9% infants of smoking mothers had cleft lip and sudden infant death syndrome as compared to only 1% infants of non-smoking mother (p value 0.009).Approximately 8% infants of smoking women had cardiac abnormalities while none of infant of non-smoking women had any cardiac abnormality (p value 0.004). Moreover, 8% infants of smoking mothers suffered from respiratory distress syndrome while none of the infants of non-smoking women had that issue (p value 0.009). Low birth weight was noticed in17% infants of smoking mothers, as compared to 4% infants in non-smoking mothers group (p . value 0.003). There were 6% intrauterine deaths in smoking women as compare to non in non-smoking women.

Conclusion: Infants of smoking women have increased rate of post natal complication and intrauterine death as compared to non-smoking women.

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