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Mortality 30-90 Days Following Lung Resection Surgery for Primary Lung Malignancy
PDPI Lampung & Bengkulu, 05 Jun 2019 08:01:28


The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery published audit data for the years 2011-2014 including post-operative mortality. 30 day mortality is related to post-operative complications and patients mostly do not survive to discharge. However, less is known about patients who die 30-90 days as these patients are usually discharged prior to death.

Hypothesis: Mortality 30-90 days following lung resection for malignancy is mostly due to unrelated medical conditions/co-morbidities.

Methods: Retrospective data was reviewed for 494 patients who had surgery 2012-2013 in a UK cardiothoracic centre. Patients were identified from national audit database and review of outpatient letters. GPs and regional hospitals were contacted for complete data collection.

Results: Overall 30 day mortality was 2.64% and 90 day mortality 6.1%.

10 patients died 30-90 days following surgery. Average age 72 years (M:F ratio 8:2). On average patients died 54.7 days post operatively (range 34-72). 8 patients had lobectomy, 1 bi-lobectomy and 1 pneumonectomy with chest wall resection.

3 patients (30%) were readmitted with post-operative complications including pleural infection, complex hydropneumothorax and surgical emphysema. One patient was transferred to another hospital for tracheostomy weaning and another patient for end of life care. 2 patients died from unrelated disease processes (CVA and ischaemic colitis). 2 patients presented with metastatic disease following surgery.

Conclusions: These results show a range of causes for mortality 30-90 days post-operatively. Although some patients die from unrelated events, a proportion of patients die from post-operative complications and these should be included in surgical outcome statistics.

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