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Cumulative Effect of Smoking on Disease Burden and Multimorbidity in Adult-Onset Asthma
PDPI Surakarta, 06 Sep 2019 09:29:01


Smokers and patients with heavy smoking history have usually been excluded from clinical studies of asthma. Thus, little is known about the impact of lifelong, cumulative tobacco exposure on asthma [1, 2]. The effect of smoking status (never-, ex- or current smoker) on disease burden of asthma has been more commonly recognised, but the impact of smoking history in pack-years has rarely been evaluated [3–6]. The impact of smoked pack-years has been previously reported only by few studies, showing adverse effects on lung function and asthma control [5, 7–10], whereas no significant differences in healthcare use, asthma-related questionnaires or medication use were reported among ex-smokers with severe asthma when patients were categorised based on smoked pack-years [4].

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