Perhimpunan Dokter Paru Indonesia - Clinical and radiological profile of the pseudotumoral silicosis
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Clinical and radiological profile of the pseudotumoral silicosis

Lamia Berny1, Hanane Benjelloune2, Nahid Zaghba3, Abdelaziz Bakhatar4 and Najiba Yassine4
1Respiratory Diseases Department, CHU Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco, 2Respiratory Diseases Department, CHU Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco, 3Respiratory Diseases Department, CHU Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco, 4Department of Respiratory Diseases, University Hospital Center Ibn Rochd, Casablanca, Morocco

The silicosis is the most frequent pneumoconiosis. The pseudo-tumor shape is rare. We bring back a retrospective study concerning 45 cases of pseudo-tumor silicosis brought together in the service of the respiratory diseases of the CHU IBN ROCHD of Casablanca over a period going from January,1997 till December,2014. It is about 45 men. The average age is 50 years. The smoking is found in 31 case (68, 8 %), with an average consumption of 24 Packet per year. A history of tuberculosis is found in 9 cases (20 %). Thirty one patients were well diggers (68, 8 %), ten were miners (22 %) and four were bricklayers (9 %). The clinical chart is dominated by the dyspnoea in 37 cases (82 %), the bronchial syndrome in 34 cases (75 %) and h?moptysy in 15 cases (33 %). The imaging found pseudo-tumor opacities in every case, with micronodule opacities in 30 cases (67 %), pneumothorax and pleurisy in a case each and mediastinal lymphad?nopathy in 8 cases. The bronchoscopy showed spots of anthracoses in 31 cases (68, 9 %). The respiratory functional exploration showed a mixed ventilatory disorder in 28 cases (62 %) and restrictive likely in 6 cases (13 %). Bacilloscopy is positive for 5 patient's (11 %). The transpari?tal draining biopsy shows a tuberculo?d granuloma without caseous necrosis in 1 case. The treatment is based on the long-duration of bronchodilators in 37 cases (82 %), corticoids inhaled in 34 cases (75, 5 %), and Diuretics in 7 cases. The anti bacillary treatment is started in 5 cases of silico-tuberculosis. The evolution is good in 18 cases, still in 18 cases. Eight patient were lost sight and one patient died. The therapeutic care of this particular shape is essentially symptomatic, proving the importance of prevention.

PDPI Surakarta. 15/03/17.

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