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Preventive treatment for latent tuberculosis infection

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Filiz Duyar Agca1 and Onur Aksu Ceyhan2
1Ankara Province Public Health Department, 3rd TB Dispensary, Ankara, Turkey,2Istanbul Province Public Health Department, Communicable Disease, Tuberculosis Section, Istanbul, Turkey

In last 10 years, while tuberculosis (TB) incidence is declining in Turkey, preventive treatment cases are increasing. Related with national guidelines, analysis of data in the field is required.

Aim: We aimed to analyze the causes and results of TB preventive therapy in Ankara 5th TB Dispensary. 1999-2012 preventive treatment data of this dispensary evaluated retrospectively; in this period new preventive therapy proposals were put forward for close contacts and immunosupressed patients.

Method: In Turkey, preventive treatment (registration, follow up, completion) is managed by TB dispensaries. In this study, by analyzing individual records of cases , we evaluated the causes of beginning chemoprophylaxis and completion results.

Results: In 14 years, totally 3796 persons registered for preventive therapy, 2036 (56,9%) of them were close contacts.

1364 (35,9%) tuberculin skin test positive (TST +) children (15 years and younger) were the second majority group.

332 (8,7%) patients who underwent immunosupressive treatment were the third group and 268 (80,7%) of them were anti TNF drug users.

2016 cases were treated with Izoniasid and 20 with Rifampisin (either izoniazid resistance of index case or side effects related with izoniazid)

Preventive treatment completion rates of close contacts 81,2% ; TST (+) children 94,1 %; immunosuppressed patients 83,4 % and treatment failure rates 11,7% ; 4,2% ; 6,9% respectively.

9 cases were diagnosed TB during preventive therapy and 6 cases after completion; 13(86,6%) of them were close contacts.

Conclusion: Although chemoprophylaxis completion rates were high in general, results show that we need more collaboration for reducing preventive treatment failure and new health policies about latent TB infection.

Source : http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/48/suppl_60/PA2744
Image : http://digjamaica.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Tuberculosis-Drugs.jpg

PDPI Jatim. 12/08/17.

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