Perhimpunan Dokter Paru Indonesia - Early surgical resection for stage I high-grade neuroendocrine caricinoma of lung
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Early surgical resection for stage I high-grade neuroendocrine caricinoma of lung

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Eisuke Mochizuki1, Kyohei Ooishi1, Koichi Miyashita1, Koshiro Ichijyo1, Syunya Furukawa1, Miyuki Nagaoka1, Syun Matsuura1, Shinichiro Mikura1, Masaru Tsukui1 and Naoki Koshimizu1
1Respiratory Medicine, Fujieda Municipal Hospital, Fujiedashi, ShizuokakenJapan

RATIONALE: Since high-grade neuroendocrine tumors are rapidly progressive, most cases are inoperable when diagnosed. There are few reports about the prognosis of patients or the course of the disease after surgery.

OBJECTIVES: To clarify the clinical course of the disease after surgery and factors influencing the prognosis.

METHODS: We retrospectively assessed 27 patients receiving surgery for small cell carcinoma (22 cases) and large neuroendocrine carcinoma (5 cases) from January 2005 through January 2015 at our hospital.

RESULTS: Patients were all male, with an average age of 70.9 years. Of the 27 patients, 22 had received postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy. Median progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) were 1.1 and 5.5 years, respectively. Ten patients were recurrence-free. Ten patients who underwent surgery within 60 days after the diagnosis demonstrated a better prognosis regarding OS (p<0.01) than those operated on after 60 days. The size of the tumor, titer of tumor markers, chemotherapy, smoking history, and age did not influence PFS or OS.

CONCLUSIONS: Early surgical resection for high-grade neuroendocrine carcinoma stage I may lead to a better prgonosis.

Source : http://erj.ersjournals.com/content/48/suppl_60/PA4847
Image : https://0f14676b303fd91881eb-98dd1...

PDPI Surakarta. 25/10/17.

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