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Effect of vitamin d therapy on the pulmonary functions in pediatric asthma and allergic rhinitis

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Keya Rani Lahiri1, Fehmida Najmuddin1 and Khushal Avasthi2
1Pediatrics, D Y Patil School of Medicine, Hospital, Navi Mumbai, MaharashtraIndia, 2Pediatrics, D Y Patil School of Medicine, Navi Mumbai, MaharashtraIndia

INTRODUCTION: Deficiency of Vitamin D in the Indian subcontinent is emerging as a major non- infectious epidemic.

AIMS&OBJECTIVES: To study 25(OH) vitamin D levels in children with asthma and allergic rhinitis and to correlate with classification and pulmonary function tests.

MATERIAL & METHODS: We studied 66 children with asthma and allergic rhinitis between 6 to 12 years of whom 33 cases were administered Vitamin D and 33 controls who were not given Vitamin D. The ethical committee approval was taken. It was a prospective, randomised and comparative study. Data was analysed using mean, standard deviation and paired- t test.

RESULTS: The study revealed 42 (63.6%) males and 24(36.4%) females .The Asthma classification depicted mild persistent in 37(56.1%) followed by intermittent 16(24.2%) and moderate persistent 12(18.2%).Maximum cases of allergic rhinitis were moderate persistent 42 (63.6%). Amongst the 66 patients 43(65.2%) were deficient, 18(27.3%) insufficient and 5(7.6%) normal. The severity of asthma and allergic rhinitis did not correlate with Vitamin D deficiency. Children who received vitamin D had significant values of Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second (FEV1, p-0.000), Forced Vital Capacity (FVC, p-0.005), FEV1: FVC (p-0.002) and Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR, p-0.000). The control group showed significant values in the PEFR parameter (p- 0.0077).

CONCLUSION: The study highlighted 61(92.5%) children had abnormal Vitamin D levels. The case group showed marked improvement in the lung functions. Adherence to the duration of therapy for a period of 10 weeks with Vitamin D is mandatory.

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PDPI Jatim. 16/11/17.

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