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Evaluation of disorders upper airway in children with asthma associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease

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Ianos Adam, Svetlana Sciuca and Rodica Selevestru
Department of Pediatrie, State Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Aim: Identify associated upper respiratory tract disease in children with solitary asthma and comorbidity with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Methods: The study included 96 children with solitary asthma (AB) and 98 children with comorbid asthma with GERD aged 5-16 years (p<0.05) .

Results: The result of the survey found that most children with comorbid GERD with AB (87.4?3.29%) were associated with recurrent pharyngitis in children with group AB solitary in 41,7?4.88% (?2=85.62; gl=1; p<0.001). Among allergic disorders, which frequently accompanies AB places allergic rhinitis with a considerable weight in each batch of children, but with significant prevalence (p<0.001) in the group of children with AB associated with GERD 56.3?4.91% of cases, and in the group of children with solitary asthma only 39.8 ? 4.85% cases. The study identified every 4th child with asthma associated with GERD recurrent tonsillitis (24.3?4.25%), which is definite statistical superior compared to children with solitary asthm, where there were 2,5 times fewer cases 9,7?2.93% (?2=24.19; gl=1, p<0.001). Recurrent laryngitis presence was noticed frequently in children with comorbid asthma GERD ? 12.6?3.29% cases compared with 5,8?2.32% registered in children with solitary asthma(?2=8.58; gl=3; p<0.05).

Conclusion: In the group of children with comorbid asthma GERD with truthfulness statistics certifies more commonly diseases associated ENT which confirms the negative role of gastro-esophageal and pharyngeal reflux in perpetuating the inflammatory process in the upper airway compared with children with solitary asthma.

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PDPI Malang. 06/12/17.

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