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Occupational asthma due to tile colourant

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Jumaa Bwika1, Gareth Walters1, Vicky Moore1 and Sherwood Burge1
1Occupational Lung Disease Unit, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom


We present a patient with asthma caused by exposure to brindle tile colourant.

Case Report
A 53-year old man presented with an 18-month history of chest tightness, dry cough and wheeze starting after the first workday, deteriorating at work and improving on off-days. He worked for a roof-tile manufacturer as a maintenance technician for 16 years. He had no pre-existing asthma, but had seasonal allergic rhinitis.

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We used serial peak flows (Occupational Asthma SYStem-OASYS scores), spirometry (MicroLab; CareFusion, California), methacholine reactivity (Jaeger method; normal >1mg) and exhaled nitric oxide (Nioxx Mino; Aerocrine AB, Sweden). A factory visit was carried out to understand exposures.

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penyakit paru

Spirometry revealed FEV1 2.42 (3.42; 71%), FVC 3.51 (4.44; 79%) and FEV1/FVC 69% , methacholine reactivity was >2.8milligrams , and (FENO) 22 parts per billion. Total IgE 95 kU/L, eosinophil 0.16 10*9/L and positive specific IgE to house dust mite (grade 3). Other results

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PDPI Malang. 05/01/18.

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