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Transbronchial mediastinal cryobiopsy in the diagnosis of mediastinal lesions: a randomised trial
PDPI Sulawesi Selatan & Utara, 05 Jun 2021 07:24:58


Background Guidelines recommend endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) as an initial investigation technique for mediastinal nodal staging in lung cancer. However, EBUS-TBNA can be limited by the inadequacy of intact tissues, which might restrict its diagnostic yield in mediastinal lesions of certain etiologies. We have previously shown that EBUS-guided transbronchial mediastinal cryobiopsy can provide intact samples with greater volume.

Methods This randomised study determined the diagnostic yield and safety of transbronchial mediastinal cryobiopsy monitored by endosonography for the diagnosis of mediastinal lesions. Patients with mediastinal lesion of 1cm or more in the short axis were recruited. Following identification of the mediastinal lesion by linear EBUS, fine-needle aspiration and cryobiopsy were sequently performed in a randomised order. Primary endpoints were diagnostic yield defined as the percentage of patients for whom mediastinal biopsy provided a definite diagnosis, and procedure-related adverse events.

Results One hundred and ninety-seven patients were enrolled and randomly allocated. The overall diagnostic yield was 79.9% and 91.8% for TBNA and transbronchial mediastinal cryobiopsy, respectively (p=0.001). Diagnostic yields were similar for metastatic lymphadenopathy (94.1% versus 95.6%, p=0.58), while cryobiopsy was more sensitive than TBNA in uncommon tumors (91.7% versus 25.0%, p=0.001) and benign disorders (80.9% versus 53.2%, p=0.004). No significant differences in diagnostic yield were detected between TBNA first and cryobiopsy first groups. We observed 2 cases of pneumothorax and 1 case of pneumomediastinum.

Conclusions Transbronchial cryobiopsy performed under EBUS guidance is a safe and useful approach that offers diagnostic histological samples of mediastinal lesions.

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